PT. Qdc Technologies began operation in July 2003, spawned by the withdraw from Indonesia of a multinational telecommunication company, a group of ex employees formed Qdc Technologies and is now providing high quality telecommunications and power infrastructure services in Indonesia. Capitalizing on business relationships, highly valued and professional staff in addition to extensive knowledge of the Indonesia telecommunications and power infrastructure market developed over many years, Qdc Technologies is uniquely positioned to deliver high quality competitive and flexible products and services to the market.

Presently Qdc Technologies has approximately 300 highly trained staff in Indonesia including engineers, designers, professional, technical and lines staff. In turn, equally experienced commercial, business development and administrative staff support our project teams.


PT Qdc Technologies core vision for the development of its business is encapsulated in the following statement:

Quality, Cost Effective and Timely Delivery of Integrated Communications Systems



Qdc offers the following range of services and will taylor any particular service solution to meet the customer’s precise requirements:

Contract Management
Site Acquisitions

Design and Optimization
Operation Maintenance
Material procurement

Systems integration
Network Integration
Systems Engineering