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Qdc Technologies is a fast growing and a leading engineering company focusing on telecommunication and power infrastructure projects. Our customers are most of telecommunication operators, PLN and private companies. We are currently engaged in several projects at various regions in Indonesia, and are planning to start new projects in several area of Indonesia. To support company’s business expansion, we are currently in need of strong and passionate professionals to be part of our team as :



(Code : PSU)



  • Minimum of 3 years experience in power construction or related position.
  • Have experience in Power project transmission/stringing/ substation/ Power Plant would be an advantage.
  • D3/Bachelor preferable in Geodesi, Power, and Civil Engineering
  • Have flexible & nice personality
  • Ability to build good relationship with customers / clients
  • Ability to motivate team in achieving target
  • Willing to work hard and under pressure
  • Good health & willing to climb tower if needed
  • Able to work in a team
  • Ready to be posted at all areas in Indonesia
  • Integrity, selflessness, strong commitment, persistent, responsible, honest, highly motivated, challenging, willingness to learn, good team work.
  • Good knowledge of project control methodologies and techniques.
  • Have a high quality of competence includes the skills to build relationships between superiors and subordinates
  • Proven ability to work independently with a high level of self-motivation and initiative.




  • Able toconductresurveyforsupply data :

   – Longitudinal profile
– Diagonal profile

  • Having good knowledge of topography
  • Documentation of the situation / geographic location will be done
  • Able to use theodolite
  • Ableto operate a GPS, theodolite & total station
  • Investigating / searching for the easiest access and smoothly toward the location. (Related to the mobilization of heavy equipment later)
  • Investigate the location of the source material required for the job, of course, which is nearby and can be easily traversed by vehicles or heavy equipment.
  • Experience in conducting project transmission line for PLN, would be an advantage
  • Calculate the height, the depth, the relative position, property lines, and characters other land.
  • Noting the results of the survey including the shape, contour, location, elevation, and the dimensions of the ground.


Note: interview will be conducted in Jakarta.


Candidates with qualifications as mentioned above, are welcome to apply for the position. Please submit your resume to:

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