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A creative approach in delivering communcation solutions, Qdc Technologies has deployed several communication towers conceived as common landmarks which one may find within Indonesia.

Here at a mosque in the area of Pondok Kopi East Jakarta, we have deployed a communications towers camouflaged or conceived as a Mosque Tower. Because the Mosque is the house of worship for the majority of the Indonesian population, mosque towers can be found instantly. Five times a day such a mosque tower will call the time of prayer to the surrounding community.

Such a solution involves expertise in various disciplines which range from artistic taste of our architects, structural, radio network expertise of our engineers, project management and also community relations. The end result of delivering camouflaged towers are a win-win solution to all stakeholders.

Besides providing communications tower disguised as Mosque Towers, Qdc Technologies has also designed and delivered towers camouflaged as church towers, water towers and also advertisement boards.

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Written by wisu