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ISO certification of Qdc Technologies was awarded in November 2008, originally against the ISO 9001:2000 standards where after one year of being awarded the standard was upgraded to the latest revision which is ISO 9001:2008. Scope of the ISO certification covers

Quality Management System for project management of power infrastructure and telecommunication infrastructure including site acquisition, design and planning, installation, commissioning and maintenance.

As a company whose Quality Management Systems is certified against ISO 9001:2008, we must be audited regularly every 6 months by the certification body verifying that the system is still in compliance according to the standards. After three years of obtaining certification, as all companies being certified ISO, the time came for Qdc Technologies to be thoroughly audited by the certification body this process is known as the Triennial Audit. Result of this audit is a Re-Certification of the Quality Management Systems of an Organization.

Presently Qdc Technologies has incorporated an advanced integrated ERP System, this web-based system is built in-house with a focus on our core Project Management business process integrating all the support functions. Such an ERP System eases the companies compliance against the ISO Standards of Quality Management System.

As a result of the Triennial Audit, we are pleased to announce that PT Qdc Technologies has successfully passed the audit and retain certification against ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Standards.

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